5 years later...

Just when you thought this journal is already dead, well...i still open this from time to time. It's been over 6 years since my last post.

I haven't been active in the fandom for 5 years already (with reasons)..but hey, I am still updated of their concert tours and albums hehe.

I just wanna say...after all these years...they still give me chills up to my very core.

I love you even in the next lifetime..because love is really simple, and amazing, with you.

RANDOM JE Pictures

I just felt like posting a new journal =)

The newly DEBUTED GROUP to support Volleyball Worldcup, SEXY ZONE

...who wants to be the next Arashi

During Kisumai concert

Johnny's trademark, sparkly asdfjklgh costume

This billboard of kisumai and NYC can be seen in ABS-CBN's Chirstmas Station ID "Da best ang Pasko ng Pilipino" in 03.52. You can watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naLFMp8A1go

12x 17 years old <3

Strumming the guitar;

playing video games;

amaze you with card tricks;

gives you prank.

To the idol who turns 17 years old for the 12th time alrea


The World is so Beautiful

Who wouldn't be happy? After the Lotus release of Arashi I was waiting for another release of a single or even just small updates, maybe because of last year, remember when they have to announce the release of their single one after another? Oh well, set that feelings aside coz now i'm soooo happy!! New album [10th original Album, Beautiful World] to be released on July 7, 2011, Scene - kimi to boku no miteiru fuukei - DVD Dome to be released on June 15, 2011, School-themed Charity Event in Tokyo Dome from June 24 to 26, 2011, Nippon no Arashi Release June 30, 2011 and Nationwide tour from July to January next year!!

It is more than what I expected! My fandom is really such a Beautiful World! I love my fandom! I love Arashi! I'm a PROUD FANGIRL!
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Thinking too much about Nino

Yesterday i'm thinking too much about the Gantz premier in L.A., i got jealous of those who get to see Nino in person. Then today (January 22, 2011), i dreamt about Nino! It was a stupid dream, if i may call it. Here it is...the setting was in the cemetery, Nino was "dead" but instead of lying in the coffin, he was like in a statue, standing! There were people, i think, his enemies who let him out in his "coffin" because he was "dead" already, but instead, when he was out in his "coffin" he took a deep breath and he came back to life!! He came back to life all so powerful!! He fought against those people, and...me too? i mean, i also fought with those people, i felt so powerful in my dreams! Then i woke up, and after a few seconds that i smiled realizing i did dream about Nino! But i really think that was such a creepy dream! Anyway to sum it all up:
Nino was dead, he came back to life, and he was so powerful. Gantz is that you?

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 *sigh* midterm exams was over!! that was my last midterm exam in my college life, because no matter what happens, i will graduate this March! (sana lang Lord please..)

Anyway, the other day, January 19, i made a tumblr account, it's here. I'm still confuse using it, but i think it's fun! I am also very jealous of those people who saw Kazunari Ninomiya. Since i got to know Arashi, it has always been my dream to meet them, all of them, and to watch their concert! I'm so excited for that day to come...and please come very soon, i'm already very desperate! I also want to meet other JE boys! They have been my greatest obsession for the past 2 years already!

Until here, till my next entry..jaa *waves*
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2011 New Year's Resolution

 I usually do not make new year's resolution but..i do not know why i'm typing this one.

First of all, this year 2010 is a great year for me!! It's the year when i met a lot of arashians, know more about arashi, and so many things i learned in this fandom!!

Second, this year 2010 i made a lot of achievements in this fandom, *wait my first arashi song is playing in the background, kotoba yori in final time, it's the first time i fell in love of arashi, to Ohno Satoshi* i finished downloading Mago Mago Arashi, in less than 2months, not all episodes though but all the subbed episodes, refer to this index indexjevideos.freehostia.com/. I also finished downloading Music station, Shounen club premium, Golden rush arashi, Mayonaka no arashi, and a lot more random videos!! i finished downloading so many dramas!! I redownloaded a lot of videos like PVs. I downloaded so many arashi magazine scans, the latest update i have 10,000 items already, and there are so many i haven't extracted yet, i think it can total to 12,000. i did that for less than 2 months also. This project is ongoing.

Third, i receive my first package abroad from Ryoxy Hinata, it was a small handbag, and her letter inside!

Fourth, i received a lot of gifts and letters!! They are from Marielle Fresno, Joykimberly Tablizo, Ericka & Eunice Martin and Dorothy Camille Abalos.

Fifth, i became a moderator in arashiphilippines.webs.com/ and admin in www.facebook.com/Arashi.Philippines.

And so many things happened in 2010!

This month December is the last month of my 2nd year in arashi fandom, and by next year January is the start of my 3rd year in the fandom!!

Now for my 2011 new year's resolution...
1. Continue being a fangirl.
2. Graduate March 2011. - check
3. Find work and earn my own salary after #2.
4. Pass Career Service Examination Professional level and get eligibility. - check
5. Buy official/unofficial/personalized fandom goods subject to #3.
6. Eat on time.
7. Continue stormy project.
8. Start JUMP, NEWS, KATTUN project.
9. Memorize 5x10.
10. Go to Manila to meet Arashians.
11. Save money for the next Arashi Around Asia.
12. Befriend many JE fans.
13. Give gifts to my cousins.
14. Send gifts to my fandom friends.
15. Be happy.
16. Control temper.
17. Always pray.

Wishing you all a happy new year everyone! Thank you for 2010, and for 2011 please give me your favor (_ _).
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My 20th birthday!

Hello everyone!! i'm officially leaving my teenage life! I'm already 20! LOL but of course i'm still a kid at heart!

I ended my teenage life watching Mago Mago Arashi, i think the last one i watched was episode 25, and i started my twenTEEN life taking a bath! hehe

For my birthday, mother bought me a new acer laptop with 500gb HDD,  i received a shirt from Ericka and Eunice Martin, a watch from Dorothy Camille Abalos, a video from April Charmaine Bernabe, and a oneshot fanfiction from yuuki_girl !!  I also received a call from Aileen Jane Villamar, Dorothy Camille Abalos, Jamielou Lynn, Juliena Camilon, and Raihan Sitti/Ryoxy Hinata. Ryoxy's call was my first overseas call, we also had video call!! i'm so happy!

I would like to thank all those people who greeted me! I'm so thankful!

This is the picture I used as my profile picture in my facebook, it's my 2nd molar teeth extracted when i had braces ;)) it has the date written on it.

This is Erika and Eunice's gift

This is Dorothy's gift

this is a print screen of me and Ryoxy having a video call :))

a oneshot "Kick me forever" fic from hana-chan is here freestyle.forumup.org/viewtopic.php

cha-cha's video www.facebook.com/video/video.php

here's my first photo in my 20 years on earth :))

and me wearing my gift ;)

this is my first time posting this long, and many pictures ;))

From now onwards, please give me your favor (_ _).
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