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Something more important than words is right here.

Dimple Baluyos
29 December
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Hi everyone! This is Dimple, i'm in JE fandom for 31*erase* 44 months already!

Let us flail together, shall we?

im in ♥ with the most NONSENSE group of five USELESS STUPID members ever existed who owns my heart, body, soul, innocence, pocket, egg cells and brain cells!!

they are part of my daily routine and they are my daily dose of happiness.

they are my LIFE, my HERO, my ONE LOVE, my EVERYTHING!

They are no other than the useless group composed of...

...the stupid genius miracle boy AIBA MASAKI...

...the sadistic arrogant king MATSUMOTO JUN...

...the brat, magician, game otaku prince NINOMIYA KAZUNARI...

...the useless leader who only wants to be a fisherman OHNO SATOSHI...

...and the rapper turned newscaster master of all failure SAKURAI SHO...

together they formed the group who stormed my life, ARASHI!!

Dimple desu, certified full-time ARASHIAN!! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (_ _)

i ♥ JE!

A R A S H I ♥ ...for dream~ JUMP, always KEEP THE FAITH and AIM FOR THE STARS in the SKY!!!


I've been an Arashi fan since January 2009.
I've been a Hey!Say!JUMP fan since August 2009.
I've been in Mis Snow Man fan since September 2011.
Westlife fan for life.

you can find me in